Message From Business Agent

I attended the 2 man meeting in Chicago on August 9th as a delegate from Local 509 as both a Freight and a parcel delegate.  There was much discussion about the TA’s ( tentative agreements), while the majority of the locals supported the TA’s there were some who were in very adamant opposition. My position is that I believe in democracy and I believe our members deserve the right to make up their minds for themselves as to if they want to accept their contract or not. It is of my opinion that we should give you the ultimate say and not act as some who wanted to deny the members a choice and potentially put them on strike without them being given any say in the matter. This is why I voted yes to send the contracts to you the membership to vote your conscience and make the decision that you feel is right for you and your family. Please understand this in no way means that I am endorsing either of these contacts nor am I condemning them. I have simply given you our membership the ultimate decision which is what a democracy is all about. You will be receiving your balloting information in the mail within the next few weeks. 

Fraternally yours,

Brian Mathis 
Local 509